The wrinkles that show up on your face, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead furrows, are something everyone encounters. As a normal part of aging, our bodies slow down the production of collagen and elastin, causing our skin to lose tone and be unable to bounce back as quickly as it used to. Fine lines and wrinkles, such as the crevices between the brows, show up no matter what creams, serums, lotions, or potions we try.

While lines and wrinkles can tell the story of your life, it’s not exactly something you want to see every day. They’re associated with the lack of cellular components and proteins, a loss of resiliency in your skin, heredity, and the environment.

Other wrinkles are created by muscle memory from your facial expressions. These are the kind of wrinkles that BOTOXⓇ injections can treat.

Relief for wrinkles

The good news is, with BOTOX, you don’t have to put up with these signs of aging. Your frown lines and crow’s feet disappear, leaving you looking rejuvenated, refreshed, and years younger. Plus, BOTOX is backed by 15 years of clinical studies and is unmatched when it comes to results.

In 2002, the FDA approved BOTOX for cosmetic and aesthetic treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Since then, BOTOX went on to receive FDA approval for use in temporarily improving the appearance of crow’s feet in 2013, as well as treatment of forehead furrows in 2017.

In the United States alone, more than 7 million cosmetic BOTOX procedures were performed in 2017, an increase of 2% from the previous year.

BOTOX is still the number one choice for individuals looking for a nonsurgical way to combat these upper facial wrinkles. At The Beauty Medics, we’ve seen the difference BOTOX is making in the lives of our patients in Riverside, California. Dr. Syed Bokhari and his expert team have experience in providing confidence-boosting BOTOX injections, and with outstanding results. There’s no easier, or more proven, method for relieving these specific signs of aging than BOTOX.

Why BOTOX is No. 1

With a proven track record of safety and success, it’s no wonder BOTOX is the popular solution for treatment of crow’s feet and frown lines. However, patients love it because they see many advantages this amazing cosmetic injectable provides. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that make BOTOX No. 1 and holding:

  • The procedure is relatively painless. Most patients report minimal discomfort associated with the BOTOX injections. Of course, this depends on your personal pain threshold, but overall, you’ll feel no more than the quick pinch of the injection. As the BOTOX works, you may be slightly tender in the treated area, such as your forehead, but it doesn’t last more than a day or two.
  • Results begin to appear in a few days. Your frown lines and crow’s feet will continue to improve as the medication works and your wrinkles smooth out.
  • You can begin BOTOX treatments as soon as you start to see lines and wrinkles. Many patients start receiving BOTOX injections in their early 30s. However, frown lines and crow’s feet may not appear for you until much later.
  • BOTOX requires minimal downtime. This is very good news for people with an active lifestyle. You need to take a few simple precautions, which which Dr. Bokhari and the staff tell you about at the time of your procedure.
  • Depending on the severity of your frown lines and crow’s feet, your results can last up to four months before you notice those lines and wrinkles beginning to reappear.

BOTOX comes with few side effects, and the results are life-changing. This proven procedure can erase the obvious facial lines that age you, while providing the confidence boost you need. To schedule a consultation with the experts at The Beauty Medics, contact our office today.