Our eyebrows help define not just our faces, but also our expressions and personality. They can communicate and reveal so much. They also literally frame our eyes, and when they’re manicured and contoured, they can make our eyes pop even more. But some people may find their eyebrows are uneven or sparse and in need of special attention.

Through the use of eyebrow contouring and microblading, the cosmetic specialists at The Beauty Medics in Riverside, California, can make your eyebrows look incredible. Led by Dr. Syed Bokhari, our team offers a variety of cosmetic and medical aesthetic treatments. With the most advanced techniques, we’re here to enhance your look.

Eyebrow contouring for fuller brows

The days of endless plucking are over. We use the right tools to make your eyebrows look full and perfectly shaped. We start with a pencil, an angled brush, eyebrow wax, brow powder, and concealer. Mascara is the finishing touch.

We do it for you, of course, but we’re also happy to show you how it’s done. First, we use the pencil to define the shape you want. Then we fill in the brow, so any sparse or empty areas look full. The wax and powder keep your eyebrows looking natural and help to create shading.

The concealer covers up any areas that detract from the shape. Then the final step is the mascara, which gives your brows that final wow, and also keeps them in place. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, consider microblading.

Microblading for semi-permanent brows

Many people think of microblading as getting an eyebrow tattoo, but the pigment doesn’t go as deeply into the skin as it does with a tattoo. With microblading, we make tiny little cuts in your brow area and then fill them in with pigment. It looks like real hair and can last 12-18 months. It may last longer for some people, but for most we recommend getting an annual touch-up to maintain the effect.

The process is particularly good for people who need their full eyebrows replaced, want better and more defined brows, or need to fill in gaps due to over-plucking or other hair loss issues. The length of the procedure depends on how much we’re doing, but we can make you as comfortable as possible by putting a numbing cream on the treatment area. Most people only feel a minor irritation.

Before your microblading procedure, limit your alcohol intake for about a week, and avoid aspirin and retinol entirely. Here are some tips for after your procedure:

  • Keep the area dry for about 10 days
  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week
  • Don’t scratch the area
  • Avoid heat and sweating
  • Use medicated creams and ointments we recommend

So when you’re ready to experience lush, full, and beautiful eyebrows, come see us at The Beauty Medics. Call us for an appointment today.