Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of getting older. However, there’s good news: We’re able to smooth away moderate and harsh wrinkles with the help of an injectable dermal-filler treatment called Juvederm. Through this minimally invasive rejuvenating treatment, we can restore a youthful and beautiful look to your skin.

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable composed primarily of a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). This substance is naturally present in the skin tissues, where it attracts and bonds with water molecules to keep skin plump and youthful-looking.

While hyaluronic acid is present in significant quantities when a person is young, its production decreases over time. Prolonged sun exposure also affects the skin’s level of HA, because ultraviolet (UV) radiation speeds up the breakdown of this substance.

When your skin loses hyaluronic acid, it becomes loose, which results in moderate and harsh wrinkles like marionette lines, parentheses lines, lipstick lines, and the nasolabial folds.

Juvederm is a way of supplementing the lost hyaluronic acid in a person’s skin. It comes in a gel form. The gel is made up of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is far stronger than regular hyaluronic acid, resulting in long-lasting benefits.

Since it is a gel, Juvederm can be easily injected into specific areas of the face. This results in an instant decrease in wrinkles. Juvederm can also be used to treat acne scars and plump up thin lips.

Is Juvederm Painful?

Juvederm is one of the least-painful treatments for wrinkles. It is completely non-surgical, and so no scalpels will be needed and there will be no uncomfortable recovery time.

This dermal filler is mixed with lidocaine, a local anesthetic used to numb areas to any pain. Because of this, most patients report feeling no pain during the treatment, while some report feeling only mild discomfort.

The Juvederm Treatment

The treatment is very simple and involves injecting Juvederm into the wrinkles in the skin. It typically only requires around 30 minutes to perform, meaning it won’t derail your daily activities. Many patients choose to get it done during their lunch breaks.

One of the best things about Juvederm is that there aren’t any major side effects. This is because HA is naturally present in everyone’s skin, which makes Juvederm biocompatible. Biocompatible products are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

If you have any pre-existing health issues, you should talk to your doctor about them in the consultation session before getting your Juvederm treatment.

What Can You Expect After Your Juvederm Treatment?

No downtime or healing time will be required after your treatment. However, in order to enjoy best results, you shouldn’t be exercising or drinking alcohol within the first 24 hours after the treatment. Additionally, avoid heavy sun exposure or high levels of heat within this time.

The effects of Juvederm are temporary; you might need another injection nine months to a year after your first injection in order to maintain your results.

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