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Microblading Riverside

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Your eyebrows are one of the most prominent features that define your face. While you can enhance their shape with gels and pencils, microblading provides a semi-permanent solution to eyebrow shaping and delivers natural-looking results. At The Beauty Medics in Riverside, California, Dr. Syed Bokhari and his team offer this treatment to fill in sparse eyebrows. Call the office or use the online booking agent to set up a consultation and find out how microblading can transform your look.


Microblading is a cosmetic treatment that involves tattooing your eyebrows to fill in sparse, thin spaces. The team at The Beauty Medics uses a handheld super-fine, pen-like tool equipped with needles to apply mineral-based pigment to your brows. The pigment’s shape simulates actual hairs. After a consultation to determine the optimal shape and thickness of your brows, the team draws in each hair one by one, which may take a few hours to complete. You’ll get natural-looking results that can also stimulate hair growth.

Microblading Q & A

    • How long does microblading last?

      Microblading is considered semi-permanent. It is a tattoo, but the pigment isn’t as deep as a regular tattoo. The color fades over time, so you’ll need yearly touch-ups to maintain optimal results. In some people, the effect can last up to three years.
    • Does microblading hurt?

      The team at The Beauty Medics applies a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure to minimize any discomfort. You may feel little scratches or pinches similar to the feeling of paper cuts, but most people tolerate the procedure well.

      Results are great!

      5 5 Star Rating - Written onJuly 23, 2019 Happy with Maira’s communication and can-do attitude! Results are great!  

      by Mercedes C.

    • How Should I Prepare for a Microblading Session?

      As with most cosmetic treatments, there are a few precautions you should take prior to undergoing the procedure. You will be advised to moderate your alcohol intake and avoid taking aspirin or using retinol a week prior to treatment. These can increase your pain threshold and make your skin more vulnerable to bleeding.
    • How Long Before I see the Results of Microblading?

      You should see the results of your microblading procedure immediately, but the initial darker color fades within a month to reveal a more natural look. The staff at The Beauty Medics provides you with some aftercare protocols. Right after the procedure, keep your brows away from water (this includes sweating and washing your face with water). If you experience any redness, slight scabbing, or itching the week after your procedure, petroleum jelly can help. You may also have a little swelling, but this should subside in fewer than two weeks.

      Who Are Good Candidates for Microblading?

      Microblading is a great solution for people who want to fill in sparse areas of their eyebrows and redefine the look of their faces. It works great for people who need:
      • Full eyebrow reconstruction
      • Greater eyebrow definition
      • To fill in over-plucked brows
      If you want to add a slight arch to your existing brows, microblading can also be a good option. If you spend a lot of time filling in your eyebrows with makeup, you’ll enjoy waking up every morning with perfect brows.

      How Much Does Microblading Cost?

      The cost of your microblading treatment will depend on how much pigment is required to deliver your desired results. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan that will include the cost of your microblading treatment.

      Schedule Your Consultation

      The Beauty Medics are dedicated to helping each and every patient express their unique look and beauty with confidence. Our highly skilled team helps patients in Riverside, California experience the best version of themselves with advanced techniques and technologies. Contact our office to schedule your microblading treatment today. Call us at 951-231-1373, DM us or email today.
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