Say Goodbye To That Double Chin Without Surgery

Submental fat is the medical name for a double chin. There are no diet or exercise tips that work for people who would like to eliminate submental fullness, and until quite recently, the only option was liposuction, which is a surgical procedure that carries all the risks of any surgery.

Since 2015, when Kybella® was approved to reduce submental fat, patients across the US have enjoyed slimmer facial profiles without surgery. Our expert medical aesthetics team at The Beauty Medics, led by Dr. Syed Bokhari, explains what Kybella is all about.

Stomach Acid?

Kybella is an injectable treatment whose active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is present in bile, which helps break down fat in the foods you eat during the process of digestion.

As it turns out, deoxycholic acid also breaks down the membrane surrounding fat cells, allowing your body to naturally dispose of them. When you get Kybella injections, they immediately begin breaking down your submental fat.

What Happens During Treatment

When you get a Kybella treatment, our providers carefully mark your chin and then administer the injections. The average person gets 2 vials of Kybella, which is equivalent to 20-50 injections.

You may have swelling for approximately 14 days. It could take up to a few weeks for you to see the full effect of a treatment because it takes your body some time to get rid of the targeted fat cells.

Most people need more than one treatment, and you may need as many as six. The wait between treatments is at least a month. Before your first treatment, you will meet with our provider and together you will decide your desired result and the amount of treatments you will need.

Benefits of Kybella

One of the most important benefits of Kybella is that it is a nonsurgical procedure. Although you do get injections, you don’t get incisions, so your risk of infection is much lower. Our providers  use a topical anesthetic cream, which also reduces the risks normally associated with anesthesia.

Patients usually need a day or two to recover, but that's not as long as recovery from liposuction. Kybella offers fewer risks and a faster recovery compared to a surgical procedure.

The Best Candidates for Kybella

There are lots of factors that could contribute to your double chin. Genetics, age, and weight gain may all play a role.

Kybella works better for some people than for others. Before a Kybella treatment, you should be in good overall health, follow a healthy diet and nutrition plan, and have a good understanding of how the treatment works.

If you have questions about Kybella or would like to find out if you’re a candidate, book an appointment online or by phone at The Beauty Medics. Dr. Bokhari and his staff are happy to answer your questions and discuss your specific situation and goals. You may be just a few treatments away from getting rid of your submental fullness once and for all.

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