Banish Those Love Handles With Smartlipo

If you’re annoyed by the pockets of fat toward your back on your waist, commonly known as love handles, you’re not alone. Articles about how to get to rid of them abound, and there are hundreds of workouts designed to address that area. If you’ve seemingly tried everything else, you may be ready to learn about Smartlipo.

What is Smartlipo, and how does it work?

Smartlipo is a medical device, developed by the company Cynosure®, designed to perform minimally invasive laser liposuction. The medical name for the procedure is laser lipolysis, and it offers some compelling benefits when compared with traditional liposuction.

When you have laser lipolysis to get rid of your love handles, Dr. Bokhari makes a very small incision, and inserts a laser fiber into the fatty tissue. The energy from the fiber essentially melts the fat cells, which are then suctioned out.

What are the benefits of Smartlipo?

Laser liposuction requires only local anesthesia, so you don’t have the risks that come with general anesthesia. Additionally, the incision necessary to perform the procedure is remarkably small, which means less risk of infection as well as minimal scarring.

Because it’s a minimally invasive procedure, it can be done in-office, so a hospital stay isn’t necessary. Your recovery time is likely to be far shorter than it would be with traditional liposuction, too.

Another benefit of laser lipolysis is that the laser stimulates collagen production. Collagen is what keeps your skin elastic and tight. When you have traditional liposuction, you may have issues with sagging skin afterward, but with Smartlipo, your skin is more likely to tighten.

Is Smartlipo painful?

Local anesthesia will keep you comfortable during the procedure, and afterward, you’ll probably be sore or achy in a similar way to how you would feel after a hard workout. You may have some bruising.

Will my love handles really be gone?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of liposuction, either traditional or laser lipolysis, is that it permanent removes the fat cells. Your love handles will be gone.

As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, your results should last. The fat cells that have been removed can’t grow back; however, existing cells can expand as their predecessors did. So it’s important to continue taking good care of your body to maintain your results.

Is Smartlipo safe?

Laser lipolysis was first described by physicians from California in 1994. In the time since, it has been thoroughly studied, cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, and performed many thousands of times. It’s a safe procedure.

You face fewer risks of complications with Smartlipo than you would with traditional liposuction for several reasons, including the use of local anesthesia and the smaller incision.

If you’re beginning to feel like there’s nothing you can do about those pesky love handles, book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Bokhari at The Beauty Medics. You can make your appointment online or by phone, and begin to explore what your life minus love handles would look like.

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